She's too precious, to the point that I don't even know what to do anymore. This is the first time I feel this way.

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"I know."
Elsa and early Elsa.

Oh! That’s early-concept Elsa??? And here I thought it was Sasuke in a dress…..


you mean to tell me that’s not Sasuke?????

i totally thought it was Sasuke in a dress.

I saw that and im not even in the naruto fandom

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Bye Guys <3 ~

I’m leaving tumblr for good.

Thank you for following me c:

tagged as: i'm keeping the blog but i wont be on it anymore;  just realized that ive been much happier and;  i just have more time for living and doing stuff;  when im away from tumblr;  and im sick of all of the hate on tumblr;  its such a hypocritical place;  that justifies the hate w bs excuses;  like white racism is ok bc its not real racism;  bc whites usually have it better;  so we can say whatever we want about them;  OH OKAY THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE YEAH OKAY;  why cant we just see people as PEOPLE without the stupid titles;  white black cis trans straight gay WHO CARES;  but its not just that;  assholes who aalways add to ur text posts;  bc they just know all;  an d u cant make a post without something being wrong w it;  according to tumblr;  and all of the judging and ganging up and attacking and hate and ignorance and obsession and just;  Hate;  theres so much hate;  i just;  realized it drains the life from me;  this place is poison;  there were a lot of goodmoments and happy memories but;  i cant say i will miss tumblr;  bc its just;  idk;  maybe its just bc im white straight and cis;  and thats not rly allowed on tumblr;  

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If I call you a nerd or a loser it probably means I like you alot 

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Well, birthday surprise you say?~ 
Happy B’day, Jean, have fun with your romantic prince. 

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Can we talk about this?

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' I know what it is for someone to be my friend…and I want to protect them…that is all’

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Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
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Uhm…I don’t think it’s your hand that slipped…

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/ erwin smith & levi

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    Featured Disney Characters
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lmao phil just came back to mabi and he didnt have a soulmate so one of his friends who happens to be male decided to become his soulmate



my soulmate was MIA so i was the third wheel, aka we were a tricycle / trifecta / trinity

imageimagesinging lovesongs to his bby



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yeah but




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